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Bog Alex

A Clockwork Orange

.... author's house. He is intrigued to find out that the man's name is F. Alexander, stating "Good Bog... he is another Alex" (158). This ....

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Anxiety of Influence exhibited In A Clockwork Orange

.... with your little droog Alex, suffering with him, and you have vidded some of the most grahnzy bratchnies old Bog ever made, all on to your old droog Alex. ....

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Clockwork Orange

.... Good Bog [God], I thought, he is another Alex¢ (Burgess 163). This shows how F. Alexander is symbolic of a second, older version of Alex. ....

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A clockwork orange

.... In the novel, Alex and his gang are "Simply the products of an England where the .... sharpened me up, O my brothers, and made me feel like old Bog himself, ready ....

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