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Esteban Trueba

Allende and Marquez

.... mans baby was because he had a "dream of marrying a rich, young, beautiful South American heiress,¢ he understands that Esteban Trueba's command offers the ....

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House of Spirits

.... matriarch. The setting later evolves into Tres Marias, the town where Esteban Trueba, the eventual patriarch, grew up. He returns ....

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Enlightened Generations

.... And I would not have liked to be a women." (45, Ch 2) These two phrases are said by Ferula and her brother, Esteban Trueba, in a bicker about the care for ....

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Epilogne to House of the Spirits

.... you. Alba, I don't ever want to see you go back to Esteban Garcia. .... world. I need to stay here and use the Trueba name for good. ....

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House of Spirits

.... of this story is in Chile and it describes the life of the Trueba family .... Clara, Blanca, and Alba remain the spotlight of the story, while Esteban, Pedro Tercero ....

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