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King Faisal

War in Iraq was justified

.... office buildings. He also used a basement of a palace, where King Faisal used to live, as a interrogation and torture center. He was ....

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A Muslims View

.... Ever since the late King Faisal of Saudi Arabia declared "Jihad" against the Zionists, saying that Muslims should only travel to Al-Aqsa with the intention of ....

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Saudi Arabia’s Education System compared with the Australian

.... Of that number, more than 60,000 are female students studying at five of the universities -- King Saud, King Abdul Aziz, King Faisal, Imam Muhammad Bin Saud ....

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Israel Wars

.... Sadat consolidated war preparations in secret agreements with President Hafez al-Assad of Syria for a joint attack and with King Faisal of Saudi Arabia to ....

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Contempory Islam in Saudi Arabia

.... An example of this would be the removal of an inept ruler, King Saud ibn Abd al-Aziz in 1964, and the transfer of power to his brother, King Faisal, which was ....

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