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Kitum Cave

The hot zone

.... "The Hot Zone¢ opens with the story of Charles Monet and his acquaintance going for a hike on Mount Elgon, a mountain directly over Kitum cave in western ....

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Swot analysis

.... 550 cases were reported with 430 fatalities When USAMRIID led an investigation to find where Ebola was found in nature, they traced it to Kitum Cave, in Zaire. ....

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The Hot Zone

.... Charles Monet¢. Charles Monet had apparently received the virus in the Kitum Cave, nestled in the African Mount Elgon. Next, was ....

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the hot zone

.... What the hell do you mean by that?" "I mean a virus that wipes us out." The final chapter, when he visits Kitum Cave in Africa, is also told in the 1st person. ....

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