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Midway Airlines

Becoming a Pilot

.... If I stay on track I will have mine midway of this upcoming summer. .... Many airlines require that their trainees be a college graduate. ....

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The Impact of Airport Security Breaches

.... in an effort to strengthen aviation security, airlines began checking .... International Airport, Pittsburgh International Airport, Chicago Midway Airport, Denver ....

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Privatization of Airports

.... In particular, some of the airlines were concerned about the five-gate terminal expansion added by the city midway through construction. ....

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Executive Orders

.... customers, the traveling public, including direct users such as airlines, cargo carriers .... seaward boundaries of the State of Hawaii and the Midway Atoll National ....

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Southwest Airlines

.... When Midway Airlines folded in 1991, the same determination that made Southwest what it is today came through again to allow the airline to capitalize on a ....

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Southwest Airlines

.... 1992 when Midway airlines in Chicago folded. In California Southwest's arrival led to several large competitors to abandon the Los Angles-San Francisco route. ....

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