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Napoleon Sieyes

Napoleon Bonaparte

.... to rule France. The three people chosen were: Napoleon Bonaparte, Emmanuel Joseph Sieyes, and Roger Ducos. Jean Jacques Regis de ....

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French Revolution

.... And foreign hostility to France continued. Then when Napoleon, Sieyes, and their followers got their chance they executed the coup d'etat. ....

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Napoleonic Era & Effect On France

.... Napoleon along with Sieyes and other well-respected people seized power of France; they established a new regime in the coup d'etat of November 9-10, 1799. ....

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.... Unannounced, Napoleon returned back to France, leaving General Kleber in charge of a .... and joined a conspiracy already thought up by Emmanuel Sieyes, who was one ....

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.... power, Napoleon could not refuse. The very arrogant Napoleon saw Sieyes as a weak and undeserving man. Napoleon decided to work with ....

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Independence as Nations, comparing hati, america, and france

.... And finally France is marked by two very significant people that were the Bonaparte Napoleon, Louis the 16th, and Abbe Sieyes. Each ....

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