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Westmoreland Wheeler

The Tet Offensive

.... Because of Westmoreland's attitude Wheeler tried to convince him to ask for troops and he asserted that President Johnson could not afford that the communists ....

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.... In 1967 the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Earle Wheeler, declared that no more .... General Westmoreland ordered to have the base held at all costs ....

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Tet Offensive

.... the war, but in Washington, on December 18th, General Earle G. Wheeler, joint Chief .... In Saigon, on December 20th, General William C. Westmoreland of the US Army ....

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.... Laird, Nixon's new secretary of defence, visited Saigon, accompanied by General Wheeler. .... MACV commander on June 28 1972 to replace General Westmoreland as the ....

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