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Capital Punishment

.... According to Akers and Radelet, public opinion polls conducted by Gallup reveal rising support for capital punishment from 72% in 1985 to 80% in 1994. ....

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Capital Punishment

.... Radelet and Akers did exactly that in a research study and concluded that there is a wide consensus among America's top criminologists that scholarly research ....

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Capital Punishment Controversy

.... (Akers; Radelet, 1996) Even the current reports of enhanced general support towards capital punishment recommend that there is an enhanced support for the ....

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capital punishment

.... According to research by Michael Radelet and Hugo Bedeau, there have been .... Works Cited Akers, Ronald L, and Criminological Theories: Introduction and Evaluation ....

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Is the Death Penalty a Legitimate Form of Punishment?

.... Michael L Radelet and Ronald L Akers, Deterrence and the Death Penalty: The Views of the Experts - URL= ....

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