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bass clef


.... space. Most music is written in either treble clef or bass clef. High .... Lower notes appear in bass clef, also called F clef. The bass ....

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Critical Description of JS Bach's Prelude no. 12

.... In the first five bars there is a short phrase consisting of a repeated rhythm, but at the same time using the bass clef to keep the tune ticking over and give ....

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An Overview of the PerformaMembers of the Brass Family

.... 48). The alto trombone's fundamental tone is perfect fourth higher (Eb below the bass clef) than the tenor trombone (63). It too ....

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history of music

.... This is a broken chord accompaniment repeated in the bass, keeping the music moving but also .... The typical major scale for the treble clef is the c major scale. ....

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