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Gorbachev and the end of the Cold War

.... on strategic weapons with the SALT II treaty (Smith, 133.) Reagan proposed a cancellation of the future deployment of cruise and Pershing II missiles as long ....

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The KGB defectors

.... more than 2,600 medium-range nuclear missiles from Europe, and eliminating the entire class of Soviet SS-20 and US Cruise and Pershing II missiles.¢(Friedman ....

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End of the Cold War

.... launch intermediate-range missiles in Europe would be destroyed and the United States would destroy all Pershing II and ground-launched cruise missiles (www ....

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The Cold War

.... The US agreed to destroy all Pershing II and ground-launched cruise missiles, with some four hundred deployed warheads, plus backup missiles on both sides. ....

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margaret Thatcher

.... NATO, she backed the 1979 decision to deploy US Pershing and cruise missiles in .... her plans to modernize the British fleet with Trident II nuclear submarines ....

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