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Gorbachev and the end of the Cold War

.... West, the Soviet economy would grow. Gorbachev hoped to use Glasnost as a political weapon. He believed that it would mobilize intellectuals ....

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Cause & Effect Essay: The Collapse of the Soviet Union

.... Instead of opting to improve the social and economic conditions within the existing system, as Gorbachev had hoped, the Soviet people now aware of the freedom ....

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End of the Cold War

.... A summit that Gorbachev hoped could improve economic relations between the two nations, while at the same time ending the arms race (Gorbachev, 203). ....

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The Soviet Union – Stable or Unstable? Analysis of History

.... was still unrest and inequality, although the Bolsheviks had hoped to create an .... in the system, and reformers like Khrushchev (and later Gorbachev) were unable ....

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margaret Thatcher

.... She came out of the discussions declaring, "I like Mr. Gorbachev-- we can do business together.¢ She .... And indeed she accomplished everything she hoped to. ....

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Khrushchev and the 1956 hungar

.... last Soviet troops were pulled out of Hungary in June 1991, Gorbachev still declined .... Early on, Soviet leaders may have hoped that they could rely on Imre Nagy ....

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