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An Overview of the PerformaMembers of the Brass Family

.... Horn Horn in Sounding (Transposition) Clef Bb alto a major second lower than notated Treble A a minor third lower than notated Ab a major third lower than ....

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The baroque violin

.... is roughly 2/3 or slightly more the distance between the lower edge of the .... in baroque times may sound bald or unconvincing if performed strictly as notated. ....

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.... These complex patterns and off beats cannot be notated exactly. .... It could be higher or lower in pitch than another tone, with the higher tones having a faster ....

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Gregorian Chants

.... the number of chants grew into the thousands and they were notated to ensure .... nsists of the word "alleluia" repeated several times, a lower-case Roman numeral ....

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