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.... in 2006. From there, every five years or so, the EPA should continue to lower the maximum contaminant level by 1 ppb each time. ....

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.... The level for breeding cattle, swine, or poultry is 100 ppb. .... The level for feed that is intended to finish beef cattle is 300 ppb (Hovey 1A). ....

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.... Contaminant Level. The MCL for chlordane in drinking water is 2 ppb while the Maximum Contaminant Level Goals (MCLG) is zero. Dr. Kaye ....

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A Whole Species Approach to Methyl Mercury Toxicity

.... often found below the point of the no observable effects level (NOEC) determined .... At a methyl mercury concentration of 5.0 ppb, adolescent Mummichogs, Fundulus ....

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Kyoto Protocol

.... levels were at 275 ppb, but current concentrations are estimated at 310 ppb (Gebelein, 1997). .... O3 concentration at ground level can be very toxic and is a major ....

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