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tetralogy fallot

An Account of the Anatomy and Physiology of Congenital Heart

.... One of the commonest forms of CHD is tetralogy of fallot (see appendix two - diagram two), which makes up 24% of cases of heart disease (see appendix two ....

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hole in the heart

.... I want to know what Tetralogy of Fallot is and what would be the preventions in order to avoid this kind of disease and is there any way that this defect can ....

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Down Syndrome

.... Heart Defects). Another common heart disease among Down Syndrome patients is Fallot's Tetralogy (Common Heart Defects). There is ....

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Disorders of the heart

.... PDA) The ductus arteriosus, which normally closes soon after birth, remains open, and a left-to-right shunt develops Tetralogy of Fallot Pulmonic stenosis ....

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