Effects of a Good Education

             How can education help you in your life? All people have the right to decide what they want to do in their life: they can choose whatever the want. If they just want to finish high school and start working, they can do so. If they want to get into college and get a degree, they can do that, too. Nobody can make decisions for you, not even your parents. However we all know that the better education you have the better future you will have. Some of the effects of getting a good education are high pay, good self-esteem and also your family will be proud of you.
             One of the effects of getting a good education is that you’re able to get better pay. People who graduated just from high school bet a lower pay than people who finish their degree. People with a good education are able to get a high level of employment; they can be managers, for example. Also, it is easier and faster for them to find a good job.
             Another good effect for people of getting a good education is that they’ll feel proud of themselves. They feel secure in society. They feel confidence when they talk to other people and feel proud of their high level of knowledge. If people get a good education, they are able to meet more people and travel all around the world.
             The third effect that education can have on people is that they are able to help people what they don’t understand something. They are able to help their own children in their homework. In addition, educated people give to their children of family members their example. Their family is able to follow them and get a good education as well.
             There are a lot of effects that education can have in your life. Some of them are high pay, good self esteem, and your family will feel proud of you, I think people should get a good education because that way they can feel more comfortable with their life. They will fell better and their family will be proud of them.

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