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General Epistles and Hebrews Reflection Paper Patience is a very important part of being a Christian and I agree with the author of James and this paper that it is, one of, the most important keys to the second coming of the Lord. In the paper the author says that the Lord has His perfect timing and that we should not rush it because it will come in due time; however I think that we should rush the coming and by this I mean that, by ministering to others and by spreading His word that we are preparing the way for the Lord’s second coming. In this case I agree with the author that patience is Continue...

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I did not like the definition that was giving by the Webster's dictionary of what patience is, it did not explain really what it is, only that it is another form of patient. God has patience with us because he is all loving and all mighty and we are his creation. , " waiting upon something that will bear a reward in the end. For us however, it is harder to have patience because we are not like him, exactly, we are human and we can only strive to be like Christ and our Father. I am not so sure however that patience is necessarily this all the time because when I think of patience I think of sitting and waiting for something, anything, to happen or for someone to come, not necessarily a reward will follow this patience. Christ had so much patience, but I do not agree that the cross was when he had to have the most, I think that it must have been when he was teaching followers and they were not getting his point. I can imagine that that would take the most patience just because the message that eh was carrying was so important and the people were just not understand. I understood better the meaning behind the "farmer and crop example because it was easier to identify wit hand it actually told what it was like to have patience. I think that prayer is a major part of being patient because it helps us to find God's will and to "center down and find that patience within ourselves to have a wonderful relationship with God and to minister to others about his coming.


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