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The Role of a Mother A good mother has been historically expected to contribute her whole life to her family. Mothers have been the glue that holds a family together because it is up to them to provide the loving care and support needed by growing children. The nurturing a mother provides is unparalleled and a vital part of a child’s care. It takes learning and practice to become a qualified mother. It is not an easy job because mothers must learn as they go. It is helpful if they were raised in a caring home so that they can pass it on to their child. A good mother is obligated to care for her family and put them before al else. The ideal living environment that a mother can provide for her children is a warm caring home. In our current society many problems arise for the role of a mother. Traditional beliefs are being tested because many moms are now single parents and have to take on an even bigger role in the life of their child. Not only must they provide the care and support a child needs but they must also provide enough income for the family to live on. This is a huge role for anybody to take on. It is extremely difficult for a mother to provide everything a child needs so it helps if the child has another male fi Continue...

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In addition, if a daughter"tms parents don"tmt push her to study chances are she won"tmt excel in school. In our current society I don"tmt think mothers are obligated to tend to their families. I know that you want us to include our personal opinion but not necessarily all of our own personal information. A bad mother can have huge consequences on a family. In addition, she is there to serve and care for her family unconditionally because she loves them. After the daughter becomes an adult she will not only appreciate everything her parents have provided but also become capable of passing on her positive habits to her future children. No matter what her family should be able to count on her and trust her because a strong bond is formed. In my opinion, the mother figure plays the most vital role in a child"tms life because she is the most important role model for the child. If a daughter doesn"tmt have the proper love and care while growing up she most likely won"tmt be a caring adult. Therefore, it is very obvious that parents play a very important role in the outcome of the child. The actual word daughter isn"tmt just a label to describe a girl"tms position in the family; it is also a job requirement. Whether this is good or bad is up for opinion. I"tmm going to take a chance and just go off on my own thoughts on this subject because this is an issue that is affecting my own personal life right now so I have a lot of opinions on it.


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