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Why the South? Is there more grotesque written in or about southern literature? In this research paper, I will try to define and explain the reasons I see more grotesque in the south as opposed to the rest of the nation and elsewhere. To understand the gothic and the grotesque, I will use an historical analogy to support my argument and yet I will attempt to predict where I see the grotesque is going in the next century in our southern society. What is the grotesque? In our class discussions we didn’t have a set definition of grotesque, but merely a set of elements that could explain grotesque. Some elements included: disharmony (things that don’t belong together), the comic and the terrifying, unresolved class of incompatibilities, ambivalently abnormal, etc. We generally accept a definition that is somewhere between the comic and the disturbing. When trying to defend or even find the word grotesque in an historical analogy, it can become very challenging since the word itself is a fairly recent term. The word grotesque appeared in art in the Renaissance era as grottesche and was used mostly as fantasy, not the literary meaning we think of today. The book On the Grotesque, explains it best as saying “it is possible t Continue...

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I, as a southerner myself, stereotyped the hills of Tennessee and excused it immediately, as to say that type of behavior is common and accepted in a kind atmosphere like that. I have been born and raised in Louisiana all my life and when I saw the "squeal like a pig scene I was disturbed and yet laughed at the same time, when seeing the character degraded and humiliated. We tend to think of Tennessee mountain men just horny and inbreds, like in the movie Deliverance, when the mountain men mount and hump Bobby. The same is used in American Literature, when an author is trying to use a mix between the bizarre and the fantasy the best result would be in the south. What will the grotesque look like in the future in the south That is a very difficult question to answer because we as society are changing ever so quickly. I remember that I was thinking to myself "Oh wow and I thought that is so typical of the type of area that there were in for that type of behavior that was taking place. This novel takes place in the hills of Tennessee and it is easier to swallow because it took place in the south. I believe that according to Ignatius survival and legitimacy, he couldn't have lived and been credible anywhere besides New Orleans. Upon doing my research for this project, I went to the Middleton Library at LSU and typed in the word "southern grotesque and much to my surprise no sources were available. So one can see that the term itself is very long and challenging word to interpret or even define. We in the south historically have always had a "town nut, because we were slower at putting them away in insane asylums, as a result makes for great story telling. In the latest poll or news static we always rank dead last in education, very poor in comparison to other states and the health is always horrible. In our recent times we can see many more elements of perversion with the internet on the rampage. But there is no historical certainty to be won by doing so, for these documents consist largely of statements relating the grotesque to such touchstone, but historically inconstant concepts as reality or nature (Harpham 18).


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