Government Main Priority is to provide Education for its People

             In a country, the government is the one who controls and manage their people to become who they are. The government shaped its people to become productive and efficient by educating them. Education is the most important element and that’s why the government had put its highest priority to it.
             Everyone has the change of receiving education. There are no terms of conditions to those who want to educate themselves. The government had provided us with a lot of free education through out the country either in a form of media or some short free course available somewhere. For instance, there are a lot of free education TV programme available in our local television or even radio station perhaps. Also, there are as well some free education course is available in shopping complex where exhibition of a certain subject is held and everyone is welcome to receive it. Other than that, the Malaysian Rakan Muda Society is also a form of educaton for teens especially, but however the government does take some fees for it from people. Nevertheless, this doesn’t show that the government only educates people with money, they also helped to those who can’t afford education in some cases.
             Why else does government put high priority for education? Simple answer to that would be education brings qualifications. Higher education is generally for the smart people is the one who is going to be the future leader of a country. Obviously the government needs highly educated people to be the ones who in future will manage to maintain the country’s reputation and also improving it. Furthermore, education is the only way to determine between the good ones and the not so good ones for the country. This also made it easier to determine between people who are hardworking and people who are lazy. Imagine if there’s no qualification in education, there are no examinations to classify people, then how does the government going to choose their future leader?

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