Interpersonal Relationships

             The word “relationship” is one of many words that people use, but have a hard time defining. The dictionary defines it as, “a state of affairs existing between those having relations or dealings.” Physical and economic relationships do not tell much that is useful about interpersonal communication. Interpersonal relationships will help us in doing so. An interpersonal relationship is “an association in which the parties meet each other’s social needs to some degree” (Adler G-6). There are four types of relationships: couple, family, a relationship in the work environment, and friendship. Everyone has relationships with many people in their lives and all of these relationships are different. Whether it is with significant others, family, acquaintances, or friends, it is important to know how to have a healthy relationship. For that reason, we will focus on an important interpersonal communication issue that must be dealt with in order to create and maintain effective interpersonal relationships. A couple relationship will be used as an example in order to answer this question.
             John and Jane, who are both in their late twenties, have been dating for about two years. Jane met John during a stressful time in her life. He was a lawyer, a listener, and a non-drinker. The early months of their relationship were very calm for Jane. Yet, as time went by, she wanted the same type of social life she had during her teen years. John did not like the social lifestyle, so Jane went out on her own. She went to school, was an effective member of the community, did charity work, and joined clubs. The more she did, the less she was at home.
             John became more involved in his work and his hobby for golf. Soon, he started to spend some time with a young woman at his work. They would have coffee breaks together, send emails to each other, and shared a few jokes. He wanted to feel special. Since John felt neglected, he thought that it was ok...

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