Professional Goals

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My professional and educational objectives include continuing my education in the fall, working toward a college degree, and ultimately pursuing a career within the legal system. In regard to education, I have recently come to realize just how important obtaining one is, not only as a means to an end professionally, but in order to become a well rounded and purposeful individual. Although this realization has come later for me than for some, I am now Continue...

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Although my role at this center was nominal it sparked my interest in law and made me feel that with an education I could not only empower myself but that I could also make a difference. These desires have partly come out of my volunteer work. After obtaining a Bachelor's degree, I intend to continue with my studies and obtain a jurist doctorate in law. committed to working hard in order to proof myself, so that I will be able to continue my education and obtain a Bachelor's degree in criminal justice. By combining my education with hands on experience, I will be able to find an area of law that best suits my abilities, values, and interests. My professional goals will ultimately include some type of work in the non-for-profit sector of law. I am aware that there are a number of avenues to peruse and I plan to complete an internship while in school in order to expose myself to the professional that I have selected. Over the summer I worked in an outpatient clinic that served and advocated for individuals that had a multitude of problems, but had little access or means to help themselves. I feel that my educational and career objectives are realistic and attainable and I am committed to putting in the hard work necessary to attain my goals.


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