The Crucible Compare Contrast

             After reading scenes one through three in act one, it became apparent to me that neither John Proctor nor Abigail Williams had any positive character traits. Both characters have hidden motives and seem to lie excessively. At this point, I can find no positive character traits for John Proctor or Abigail Williams. On the other hand, I can think of two or more negative character traits for both characters. Abigail Williams sees herself as superior, yet she is a very resentful person. The author shows Abigail's superiority when all of the talk about witchcraft troubles her uncle; Abigail thinks she should be the authority. When she says, "Uncle, the rumor of witchcraft is all about; I think you'd best go down and deny it yourself," (9) she is showing her knowledge of social situations and giving her uncle, who is much older the she, advice. Abigail also thinks of herself as superior to the natives of Barbados. When her uncle discusses her work for the Proctors, she says that "they want slaves, not such as I. Let them send to Barbados for any of them!" (12). She is prejudiced against these people and her remarks reveal her pompousness. Finally, Abigail's superior character is apparent through her statements to John Proctor about his wife Elizabeth. She says, "Oh, I marvel how such a strong man [can be with] such a sickly wife" (23). Abigail obviously thinks highly of herself, she seems to think she is worthy of Proctor's love, but Elizabeth is not. Abigail Williams also shows a bit of resentment in the play. When Mary Warren confesses that the witchcraft is only pretend, Abigail is angry. She accuses Mary of being a witch, too. Abigail's bitterness of her friend's betrayal causes her to seek revenge. After Abigail's brief affair with John Proctor, she cannot accept the fact that the relationship has ended. She says, "I look for John Proctor that took me from my sleep and put k

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