Romeo and Juliet : Relationships

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Montague vs. Capulet ,"Two households, both alike in dignity… from ancient grudge break to new mutiny." The Montague and Capulet families have an ancient and inexplicable squabble amid them. Within these two houses’ relationships lie, either in the same family or between the two. The kinships that rise during the duration of the play that are among the two families’ are more secure than the ones in the same family. In the play, The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, many relationships among the many characters are in effect. The relationships lie between two extremities, from being steadfast love relationships to being superficial relationships. In the play, the three relationships that cover these two extremes as a whole involve Romeo and Juliet, the Nurse and Juliet, and Romeo and Rosaline. "What’s in a name?…" In this dramatic tragedy a lot is in a name. It is impossible for a Capulet and a Montague to have a serious love relationship because of the hostility betwixt the two houses. The animosity midst the Capulets and Montagues sets the reason for all the altercations that are at large in the city of Verona. "My love sprung from my only hate!" Of the many men in Verona Juliet falls in love with a Continue...

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This kinship is particularly stronger than others because of the controversies of Capulets and Montagues, and if the relationship isn"tmt strong then it will diminish. This relationship is a grand example of "puppy love". During Juliet"tms growth, the Nurse seems to be her only friend and confidante. Romeo becomes more mature within a five day period. He acts as if he doesn"tmt love anyone but her. During the earlier scenes of the play, Juliet gives some flavor of her determination, strength, and her making the transformation from a young girl to a woman. He seems to only blather about her attractiveness and external appearance, instead of her persona and intelligence. This is attributed too by her parents. Now, how is that possible It is viable because Juliet"tms"tm mother is pregnant the same time as the Nurse, but unfortunately the Nurse has a miscarriage. Juliet shows her most childish attitude when she gets uncomfortable when the Nurse commences to discourse about sex. As the play moves on, Romeo begins to fall in love with Juliet, a love deeper and authentic than prior endearments. This is what is the primary groundwork for Juliet and the Nurse being so close. Juliet puts her trust in the Nurse up to the time that the Nurse simply suggests that Juliet should contemplate marrying Paris. Juliet and the Nurse have a bond that is very concrete and honest. Just like Romeo, she matures from a sheltered, obedient, naive young girl to a knowledgeable, rebellious, and practical woman.


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