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The internet is a big essential to getting information quickly and easily. It is mostly referred to as "The Net". It basically is a worldwide system of all different types of computer networks. The "net" was developed by the Advanced Research Projects Agency in 1969. At first it was known as ARPANET. It was originally created to allow users of an university to communicate with other universities through the computer. The internet today is used for multiple tasks. For example , getting driving directions, getting recipes , or the most popular getting and receiving email. It is very helpful in getting constructive information about absolutely anything. It is a public accessible feature for millions of people nationwide. The internet only requires a portion of total resources of current public telecommunication networks. What defines the internet is its use of a set of protocols ca Continue...

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Developing a personalized web page is a great way of expressing yourself. It is very common that children have more knowledge of the web then their parents. The internet goes beyond great technology. The net enables more and more people to take responsibility for establishing and organizing their own work. Instant Messaging always is a most used trait. It will expand even more over the years. Information on the internet is really easy to understand that is why people rely on getting facts from it. It provides us with information that a school textbook can't provide for maturity reasons and standards set forth by teachers. So it is the parents' responsibility to acknowledge and know what the internet is capable of and know that there kids have access to a lot of dangerous minded people. A feature of the internet called electronic mail mainly identified as Email , practically replaced "snail" mail through the post office. It has replaced making calls worldwide. Letting children online without monitoring them is risky.


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