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Slaughterhouse 5 summary

Slaiughterhouse Five The book Slaughterhouse Five has a bizarre and twisted plot that reverts back and forth through time. The main character Billy Pilgrim was involved in World War II and was mentally disturbed by the bombings of Dresden thus alluding to a state of being “unstuck in time”. The Dresden bombings was an air raid by American and British air bombers that was an unnecessary military operation. The bombings killed mostly civilians, around 130,000 people died and destroyed 80% of the city. Most of the victims of the bombings died of either incineration or the suffocation by the flames engulfing all oxygen available. Billy Pilgrim survived the bombings because he was captured at Battle of the Bulge by the Germans and held captive in a meat locker below the city of Dresden. Vonnegut opens the book by fooling the readers to read the prefix, ooh he’s so tricky. He talks to an old friend about the bombings of Dresden. His friends wife gets all worked up because she is German and believes it was the Germans fault. Vonnegut assures her he will only write bout good things and tells her he’s going to name his book “The Children’s Crusade”. In the 2nd chapter we finally meet the main character Billy Pilgrim. Billy Pilgrim is “unstuck in time”, which means you can revert to any time of your life and live it. Billy believes that when a person dies it is just a bad time of their life, they can always go back and live the benevolence in their lives. He thinks All time happens simultaneously, so a man who dies is actually still alive, since all moments exist at all times. Billy writes letters about his experiences with the Tramalfadorians. Billy thinks he has been abducted by the Tramalfadroians and taken to their planet where he was a subject of many scientific experiments. Then Billy jumps back and forth through times in his life. He alludes to his experiences with his father. Wh...

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