Downfall of Education in Louisiana

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Education in Louisiana has been a major problem in recent years. Louisiana has consistently ranked near the bottom of the 50 states in education, and this trend has yet to change. This is due to a money problem, but mostly is due to the training and selection of teachers. Most teachers are underpaid, unqualified, and some leave the state for better teaching jobs and higher pay. One problem is that many of the teachers in Louisiana are not certified. To be certified teachers must complete a course which gives them state certification to teach. Many teachers are hired without certification and this is only detrimental to the students. A solution to this is to mandate that all teachers receive certification. To add to this, the state could implement assessment test for the teachers to take periodically t Continue...

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Many solutions have been brought up, but nothing has seemed to work. Many teachers leave the state for better jobs and higher salaries. If a math teacher is teaching an English class what good could come of this Teacher turnover is also a major problem for state school officials. Some opposition was parents who could not afford this increase. The least they could do was help out with the minor set back this may cause. hroughout the year to monitor their progression. They feel they are already paying for their children to attend school so why have to pay for someone else. Also many teachers are teaching subjects they are not qualified to teach. A strong education and learning background is vital for the children of today. Only a one cent sales tax raise would be enough to boost the salaries of teachers in Louisiana over the nation average of all 50 states. Many people have already opposed by way of vote not to raise sales tax so the teachers would receive a pay raise. But, many people do not realize how it would drastically contribute. With a one cent sales tax increase is this to much to pay for a better tomorrow. This would give bonuses to teachers based on the performance of their students. Also you have the parents whose children attend private school.


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