Speech Friendship

             Friendship is when they push when you need it, but never too hard and stand back when the time is right but never too far and the true test of friendship is if you’re willing to do it all back in a heartbeat. It’s when your life is so much better because your know them and they bring out the best that lies within. Good morning fellow classmates and Mr Hampton. Today I will be talking to you about friendship and the important role that it plays in our lives.
             People today, in all this new world technology and thinking have lost sight of what a true friendship is. No way do friends have to be exactly the same, I mean come on friends do have similarities but they also have their differences. The key to opening up the world of friendship is not just to focus on the similarities but to accept each others faults because true friends do not judge each other. Friends love unconditionally. They do have their little angry moments from time to time but at the end of the day all is forgiven and forgotten. Why let something that happened in the past ruin what great friendship you could have together in the future?
             You know you have a friend for life when they answer the phone at one in the morning because you can’t sleep and have a lot on your mind and they don’t care about talking about nothing to get your mind off everything. When you know that if something bad happened to you they’d be there for you, no questions asked. When you can look at them when something is wrong and they know it just by their eyes and all they have to do is offer a hug and you feel a thousand times better. When you know that they’d never lie to you and would never hurt you and if they did you know that it would only be for your benefit. They can make you laugh when skies are the darkest and they’re there with a good movie and some popcorn when your totally depressed!
             There is a great deal to learn about friendship. Some of the things learned are tha

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