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A metaphor is defined as figure of speech in which a word or phrase that ordinarily designates one thing is used to designate another, thus making an implicit comparison. Many great writers throughout time have used the essence of metaphors to enhance and add further meaning and essence to their texts, for example William Shakespeare. Sports Field uses a metaphorical structure to make further meaning from a simple children’s sports carnival. Without taking into account the metaphorical reading of Sports Field, The dominant reading would suggest exactly what the title implies being an account of a sports carnival. From this literal view we see that the poem takes into account the day’s proceedings of a sports carnival, for example running races. “Its lanes and tapes are set;”(Second stanza, fourth line), on a literal level this refers to the lanes being measured and set out for the children to run in a race but metaphorically this refers to an entirely different setting. By only taking the literal meaning in this poem it can be interpreted as dull and very lifeless in comparison to many other poems with more emphasis on literal meaning. Sports Field was more than likely written to be left up to the reader in what it Continue...

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The imagery of a text can be used in many ways to get the reader thinking about the hidden meanings and sub textual messages hidden by many of the world's great authors. At the very end of the poem it describes the very scene that it starts of at denoting that life start of again which may alternately viewed as reincarnation. The dominant reading of this poem would suggest that the ideal of a children's sports carnival is used as a symbol for life. This can also be argued that it may mean something entirely different but the dominant perception of the poem would be more suitable due to people being able to see more evidence of the dominant perception in the reading of the poem rather than an alternate meaning. The ideal of children competing in a carnival can be viewed as the competition in life between people. "and set towards the future, they run like running water, for only the pride of winning, the pain the losers suffer (6th stanza), this stanza refers to the end of the running race and the symbol for the way we all end up in life. This is the sort of person in which they choose to not try there best and therefore do not get the rewards and satisfaction of life. With all this information together it can be viewed as the parents are proud in their children's achievements but can only watch from the sideline and cannot run the race for them. "The watchers love them in vain, (5th stanza, 1st line), the watchers are, in a literal reading, the parents watching from the sideline which also links together with the metaphorical view of the quote. In comparison to the quote in paragraph two, the quote can be interpreted as a comparison to the way we all compete in life and how our destinies are marked out already for us and, like a running race, we all try to be the best. In the ending of the poem it describes "the days great golden ball dropping. Different reader may see the poem as just another boring piece of writing about a child's sports carnival but another may interpret it as a symbol of life. These people are those who have ambition and denote their life to being the best they can just for the pride of the things they can achieve.


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