Black Boy

             The first thing that I thought after completing the first chapter was “wow” I can’t believe what this man when through. Richard’s story in the first chapter had already grabbed me by the arm and taken me in to see what else was going to happen in his life. I think that Richard at this point in the book is a boy that only knows what he is told and is very stubborn. He is also very smart and innocent. Examples of this are when his father tells him to go hang the cat because its making too much noise, and Richard actually goes and hangs the cat knowing that his father will be mad, but smart enough to know that he can just say “father told me to hang the cat.” I also didn’t think it was right about what Richard had to go through before he was even a teen. First of all his father leaves the family for another woman and he gives Richard and his brother no food or money. And without the food and money Richard and his mother and brother are always starving and there is never enough food available. Also Richards’s mother puts him in an orphanage so that she can go earn money for the family. Since Richard’s mother is working so much she has almost no time to visit her kids, and Richard starts to think that his mother forgot about him. Other things that Richard has to go through include his mother getting very sick, forcing him to live with his grandmother who is very strict, and doesn’t like him much.
             Another character that stood out to me in this first chapter was Richard’s mother Ella. Ella is a very strange woman who I don’t think is always marching to the beat of the sane drum. She is very strict with her kids and doesn’t hesitate to hit them. An example of this is when she almost beats Richard to death after he burnt granny’s house down. Also I think she I kind of sick and needs some mental help. She tells her son to go beat kids up after they robbed him which I don’t think any mother would d...

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