Do interest groups generate valueless government?

             "Do interest groups generate valueless government?"
             While interest groups may not generate a valueless government, they do make it less valuable to certain individuals.
             Considering the vast interests of the voting body as a whole, interest groups provide a method to work with the body, eliminating the less popular views.
             Interest groups, for the most part, work as the connection for popular views to government.
             If a group formed from a coalition of people with an interest in changing the American flag from it current state to solid green, it would be very hard to insert this group in the political process.
             The "Green Flag For America" interest group would eliminate itself due to its very little support.
             On the other hand, if a group formed voicing its interest in changing what it sees as destruction of the American moral through abortion, it would have a much better chance of being heard because of the support it would find.
             This narrows what the American government hears, showing only interests that are supported by the mass of the voting body.
             In turn, this creates a less valuable government to those with radical, dangerous, or less popular views, because they are eliminated before being heard by the American government.
             In most cases, it is good that interest groups help narrow the concerns of the people, helping choose what actually reaches the American government.
             This keeps the government focused on what is import to the American people as a whole.
             Interest groups are, for the most part, a way of streamlining popular views for a government with limited recourses, by encompassing what is important to the majority of the people.

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