Journey of the Magi

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Journey to Christianity “Journey of the Magi” can be read and perceived on many different levels. The imagery, while when first read is easy to understand, may be researched to find deeper meaning. Since the poem was written in the year of Eliot’s own conversion to Christianity, the quest of the Magi for the Christ child can be seen as a parallel to Eliot’s own religious quest. The first five lines of “Journey of the Magi” describe the hardships of their journey (Barbour 190-191). I think these five lines also refer to the difficulty of Eliot’s conversion to Christianity. Lines 2-4 express the hardships that have been endured through Eliot’s life and the Magi’s journey. “Winter” expresses a feeling of death and despair. It shows that the Magi are losing or have lost all hope throughout life. The camels lying down in the melting snow reinf Continue...

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The "temperate valley indicates that a change has come about. perhaps represents the old dispensation that will fade away with Christ's birth (78). Wohlpart adds that the Magi's dawn arrival is "symbolic of the new life attained from their penance (57). stranded, suspended between the realization and the consummation of God's plan (36). Dean points out the early morning descent into a "temperate valley evokes three significant Christian events: "The nativity and all the attendant ideas of the dawning of a new era. The vision of the "old white horse helps to clarify that the Magi have conquered their task. The description of "the men cursing and grumbling, "and wanting their liquor and women represent the shame and regret of sinful ways. The "Old white horse represents war and the conqueror in Revelation 6:2 of the Bible. Line 8 refers to things they had endured and would like to change. The Magi were use to the luxuries of their lifestyles.