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1800's transportation

The growth of the American economy began to boom in the first portion of the nineteenth century. Industry began to take hold of America, where it had been very slow to develop. Industry and agriculture were highly promoted by the increase in transportation technology. Transportation alone did not improve the economy; it facilitated the growth of industry and agriculture in the United States. The National Road, Railroads, and canals allowed the farmers to move produce to the east and factory owners to move their goods into the west and back again much more easily and quickly, thus causing the price of these goods to drop accordingly. Steamboats permitted the transport of goods throughout the year rather than just in the warm seasons. The lack of a keel on the boats allowed for further penetration into shallower waters and to more previously inaccessible regions of the waterways, and to move through muddy water much more easily. The Railroad system also allowed for more people to move out west and further develop agriculture in the virgin soil. The first demands for a national road were head back in 1740 when the few settlers in the “west” (the Ohio river valley) called for an avenue in which to transport their goods to and from the east. Construction on the road began in 1811 and was completed in 7 years. The new National Road was used by everyone, from every walk of life; from cattle herders driving their animals to market, to the teamsters, like modern day truckers, were paid to transport goods as quickly as possible from point A to point B, to the settlers hoping to strike up a new life in the west. Stage lines that ran from town to town were also major presence on the road were the stage lines, some which claimed to cover 150 miles in one day. Mail was another main use of the road. The mail could travel from Washington, D.C. to Indianapolis in 65 hours, which was an astonishing rate for the day. The road, and its ...

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