A Life Lesson

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A Life Lesson Throughout life, there are certain points that you look back on and say “what was I thinking?!” or “could I have really been that stupid?” I assure you that I have a multitude of such memories, but the one that stands out in my mind was an experience that not only questioned my maturity or brain-power, but also changed the way I live my life to this day. I will never forget that hot, sticky day in late July. I was 7 years old and ready to start the second grade at the East Bay School of the Performing Arts. I was at the pinnacle of maturity, intelligence and, best of all, invincibility. Nothing could stop me; not the flu, not my mother leaning half backwards outside the back window to “clean [my] room!” and certainly not the disease or “unfortunate accidents” that happened to people on the Continue...

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news and other TV shows that my mom watched after work. I felt so safe in the world, as ifnothing could ever really harm me. The irony lies in that I steeped into thatcar aspiring to be a grown up and, upon leaving I had matured quicker that I could haveever dreamed. That is when my eyes were forced open and I realized how vulnerable Ireally am in the world and the true importance of being careful. I dropped myseat belt; I was a big girl today. That was, of course, before I felt true pain and fearfor the first time. I hardly noticed at thecar veered slowly to the right but the sound of metal on metal, glass shattering impactwill never leave my mind. I slidinto the passenger seat like a mature lady would do and promptly rolled down mywindow to check out the view from such a cool ride. As Ashley started the car Iinstinctively reached for my seat belt but glanced sideways to see what she was doing. She was a "big girl" and I was going to be a"big girl" with her at Stoneridge mall. Now, looking back, that was at that precise moment that I wonder "what was Ithinking Could I have really been that stupid" The importance of the way in which Iappeared allowed me to completely overlook my own safety and common sense, (or asmuch common sense as I could have had at 7 years old). As we sauntered out to her shiny Mustang with thesuper cool Hawaii girl "bobble head" on the dash board I felt on top of the world. Last night I didn"tmt even wash my hands before I ate dinner and doyou know what happened Absolutely nothing!I was particularly excited that day because I had plans to go shopping with mystepsister Ashley who was 17 at the time.


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