A Modest Proposal Review

             “A Modest Proposal” by Jonathon Swift, in my opinion, is a brilliant piece of literature. The idea of taking a social matter of his time, that was incredibly absurd, and made it even more absurd and gruesome. I found it easy to figure out his sense of satire in the writing, and personally don’t understand how others couldn’t see what he was really trying to say. How could you take someone completely seriously, especially of Swifts stature, who published a piece about eating babies? Not only is it well written and funny, but also I think it is a great insult to the people who treated the Irish so horribly.
             To personally see the rise Swift got out of people is amazing. To see classmates get visibly mad over the work, is incredible. It is exactly what Swift wanted to do. I find controversial work very interesting, whether it is literature, music, or television. I love seeing what can be said or done to make people raise an eyebrow. I think Swift definitely had it down to an art, on how to get a rise out of people.
             Finding the piece interesting and controversial, I don’t know if it was a good way to get his point across to the people. Those who found his ideas grotesque and idiotic, thought just that. They didn’t see what he was really trying to say, or prove. The thought of eating babies almost seems to overwhelming to some, that they can’t tap in to the real meaning of “A Modest Proposal”.
             Jonathon Swift definitely got everyone’s attention, whether good or bad, and I think that is what he wanted to do. I personally found “A Modest Proposal” intriguing and hilarious. The way swift got some people so steamed is also humorous to me. Swift proved that he was way ahead of his time with this work by throwing out a completely absurd idea, and running with it to the fullest extent. Many artist of today would never tread those waters, and those who do, seem to have the biggest effect on society...

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