Abolitionist Movement

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The Abolitionist Movement During the thirty years that preceded the Civil War, abolitionism was a major factor in electoral politics. Abolitionism refers to antislavery activism between the early 1830s, when William Lloyd Garrison began publishing The Liberator, and the Civil War. By the year 1834, there existed a weak framework of abolitionists, many who were determined free blacks from the north who had a common goal, the emancipation of slavery. These abolitionists took great courage and leadership, for slavery was either against their moral beliefs and gave the anti-slavery movement the growing popularity that it needed. I believe that the abolitionists (only anti-slavery persons), who wanted an immediate end to slavery, radicalized the anti-slavery movement by demanding an, immediate end to slavery and recognition of equality by the year 1836. By the year 1607, Americans realized that the Chesapeake was immensely hospitable to tobacco cultivation. However growing tobacco meant more labor, but where was the labor source to be from? The Colonies found their answer in indentured servant, servants who voluntarily mortgaged the sweat of their bodies for several years t Continue...

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The American Anti-Slavery Society's "Particular Instructions (doc. E), writes the following in its Constitution on December 4, 1833, " The object of this Society is the entire abolition of Slavery in the United State. This gap may have weakened the anti-slavery movement as a whole in the long run. Many rich plantowners, etc did not think of the moral obligations that one has toward God and were greedy. Though many abolitionists were guided by their own sectional interests, a new type of thought was occurring, that even blacks are considered "men in the eyes of the almighty Lord. By 1836, the abolitionists, in their argument for immediate emancipation of slaves, and equal rights revolution, opened a new page in radical ideas. Thus, the importation of slaves from Africa began. This Document proves that no longer were Blacks considered as property that could be kicked around (at least by Abolitionists). F) has the following passage, "Our object is the overthrow of American slavery, the most atrocious and oppressive system of bondage that has existed in any country. In exchange they revived transatlantic passage and eventual "freedom dues. The American Anti-Slavery Society (doc. I am in earnest- will not excuse...I will not retreat a single inch...AND I WILL BE HEARD! This document clearly states that the Liberator, a radical abolitionist newspaper in the year of 1831, believes that the Abolitionist cause is not a moderate, but one that is very severe, and must be dealt with immediately. However, due to various reasons, indentured servants no longer poured in to America as they had previously done.


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American Women and the Abolitionist Movement. American Women and the Abolitionist Movement American women had a significant impact on the abolitionist movement. (709 3 )

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