Abraham and Moses’ Impact on the Jewish Culture

             It is Abraham in Genesis and Moses in Exodus whose experiences that pave the
             way for the beginning of the Jewish culture. These two books, give both a history and
             culture to the Jews. Through Abraham’s covenant with God, and Moses leading the Jews
             out of Egypt, the Jewish people gain a sense of individualism for the first time. Steering
             free from oppression, and inheriting a new confidence, the Jews are finally ready to
             In Genesis, after chapter 11, God promises Abraham that his decedents will
             forever be his “Chosen People”, and that He will make Abraham the father of a multitude
             of nations through his descendants. God tells Abraham, at the age of 75, that Sarah, his
             wife, would bear a child. God also has Abraham and Sarah migrate to Canaan. On a trip
             to Egypt for food, the Egyptians notice Sarah’s beauty and order her to go before the
             Pharaoh. Abraham lies and says that Sarah is his sister to escape a possible death, but the
             Pharaoh soon realizes the truth. Luckily, before the Pharaoh could react, God intervenes
             by strickening the Pharaoh and his household with a disease until the Pharaoh has to let
             them go. However, if these hardships and adversities were not enough to deal with,
             several decades of waiting passes as the fulfilling of God’s promises begin to look bleak.
             How could this man, Abraham, continue to believe?
             Abraham’s two characteristics, which are both extraordinary, are his patience and
             his faith. His patience guides him through the grueling task of waiting for God’s plans to
             develop. His faith is remarkable as he believes that not only will his wife give birth, but
             also that his children will carry the torch as “The Chosen People”. God obviously did
             act on his promises as Abraham and Sarah finally had Isaac, and eventually their children

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