Communication in the 21st Century

             In this paper, I am going to discuss communication problems in the 21st Century. I will discuss some communication barriers in the world today, for example some international differences in language and gestures. As well as issues in personal or the lack of personal communication. Finally I will touch on some of my own communicative faults, and some things I would like to do to better myself.
             Webster’s dictionary defines communication as a process by which information is exchanged between individuals through a common system of symbols, signs, or behavior. But not all of these symbols and signs are common. For example when involved in international communication certain sayings and gestures that Americans do and say may be taken differently in other countries, the same goes for foreigner’s trying to communicate with us. Even subtle movements such as the raising of an eyebrow can be misinterpreted, in the United States it is a sign of curiosity, while in Japan a raise of the eyebrow is taken as a threat. Gestures aren’t the only things that can cause a block in communication, for instance there are over 3000 different languages used in the world today each of which has its own slang, a phrase or even a word here in the United States can have a totally different meaning in England. For example the word “fag” in the U.S. is slang for a homosexual, while “fag” in England is slang for cigarette. There are so many differences in languages and cultures important to try to be aware of these when involved a conversation. These differences even occur in our own country at least as far as the language barrier is concerned. Words often have a different meaning in Los Angeles, California than they have in Bangor, Maine, or even Fargo, North Dakota to Houston, Texas. Time has manipulated the English language so much that it is sometimes hard to decipher something our own neighbor just said to us

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