Amnesty for Illegal Aliens

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The additional amnesties proposed by the Mexican government should be rejected. Amnesties are never-ending, open-ended rewards for illegality. Amnesty for illegal immigrants world, rewards lawbreakers. Illegal aliens harm the American workforce. Illegal aliens displace an estimated 659,00 American workers every year, at a cost of 3.5 billion a year. The cheap labor that illegal immigration provides depresses the wages and working conditions of the working poor. Under a device invented by the courts, many illegal aliens are allowed to receive welfare without fear of deportation. Other illegal aliens get welfare the same way they get jobs, document fraud. In many cities, false documents can be bought on the street for as little as $40. With false documents, an illegal alien’s right to work or welfare goes unquestioned. With the cost of displacing American workers, the cost of giving welfare to needy illegal aliens, and t Continue...

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Encourages more illegal immigration: amnesties always lead to more illegal immigration, and aliens around the world will sneak into the united states to be part of the next amnesty. INS study after ten years in the united states, that average amnestied illegal alien had only a 7th grade education and an annual salary of less than 9,000 a year. Even if some receive amnesty, they will no longer be guaranteed access to basic needs like education and healthcare. The implications that arise from this are that an amnesty program will only slightly loosen the noose placed around the undocumented community. Would be illegal aliens make the rational decision to defy American laws and wait it out if they wait long enough, put down roots and don"tmt get caught, the reason, American politicians will give them an amnesty. he cost of providing them general services, it is estimated that the annual cost of illegal immigrants is 19 billion. Rather than simply granting amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants, American policy should focus on incentives to illegal workers to return home. These estimates would be much higher if we had not given amnesty to nearly tree million illegal aliens in 1986, allowing them to become legal members of our society. It costs many Americans jobs tax dollars, educational opportunities and quality of life. It is also estimated that over one million transient illegal aliens are here at any given time. Illegal aliens make a mockery of those who respect our laws and our country"tms sovereignty by waiting for a chance to immigrate. 6 million eligible people waiting to be admitted as immigrants to our country; some of them have been on the list for eighteen years. The interests of immigrants and the concerns of American business oar obvious.


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