Traditional Chinese Family Analysis

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Long before the industrialization and the rise of communism, Chinese civilization has been built peculiarly on the basis of family. The reason is that Chinese people have the unique family value system that would put family above their individual and personal needs; this is what we called familism. The value was implicitly shown in the Chinese word for family is the pictorial representation of several people under a roof, meaning possibly man, wife and children. According to the Chinese proverbs, ¡§If there are no families, there will be no country¡¨, it seems that Chinese made familism even more central in that society than in most. However, Chinese families¡¦ value system is gradually perished and replaced by a new set of family values under the effect of modern individualism. When compare my family to that of grandparents, indeed the two have a lot of differences, mostly manifest in their family structure, thinking, rituals, attitudes, and their name system. My grandparents have three sons and seven daughters. Until now, the grandparents¡¦ family consists of three generations with at least thirty members. It is very interesting once the whole family had been traveled together on the plane I was shocked by the huge bu Continue...

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The ancestor worship has less superstitious meanings or a religious practice. In the olden days in China, the richest people were always come from the most powerful clan, and only the most fortunate ones can continue their surname, for example: Deng Xiao Ping, the former Chinese statesman was come from the clan of Deng, is one of the most fortunate surnames in China. With the World War II separating grandparents and their parents, the trend toward individualism is increasing, urbanization in Hong Kong have removed olden family structure, in other words, the traditional family system is weakened and the family of their generation is not tensely bound to the Chinese rituals and believes. While the Chinese names contain three characters, the seven daughters shared the same second character in their names, and the three sons shared another second character in the names. Therefore the daughter has to behave twice as much as a daughter so that she is submissive to her husband's family. There are four family rites our grandparents family members are compulsory to participate: the celebration of born for one month, the wedding, the funeral and the ancestor worship. nch of people bearing the same surname. Traditional Chinese people see this as a clan which is the root of Chinese civilization, larger the clan formed; meaning that the family is fortunate for the continuation of the surname and powerful. Although every family member is expected to have filial piety to parents, the males are the ones to exercise first, for example, during the ancestor worship trip, the males from my grandparents family are always have to participate, if there are only female members go, the outsiders from the family would think that the males are not behave filial piety to our ancestors , therefore at this point we can see that the male role in traditional family is further greater than the modern Chinese family. Besides the names, the traditional definition of family is different from that of modern family. Individual and family groups start to pursue their own best interest such as power and wealth rather the interest in extending families. While loyalty is always the most important virtues for the females, filial piety is especially for males. Since the wars drive the rural population into metropolitan cities, my grandparents immigrate to Hong Kong for settlement.


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