Anti Abortion Research Paper

             Having a child is often looked upon as a wonderful experience with endless rewards, but not everyone thinks this way. More and more females are having a procedure done called an abortion. In this process the pregnancy is terminated. Many women are not ready for a baby and see this as a way out. Although one can be sympathetic when a woman becomes pregnant unexpectedly, having an abortion performed is not the right answer. This procedure was legalized in the 1973 Supreme Court cases of Roe vs. Wade, and Doe vs. Boston. An average or 4,000 babies are killed by abortions each day, which amounts to 1.4 million babies a year(Bilmore,1). In this paper, it will be proven that abortions are unethical procedures that should be outlawed by discussing the actual performance down, facts and numbers of the abortions, and the alternatives and preventions.
             Many people are not fully aware of what is actually involved when having an abortion. In a first trimester abortion, (during the first three months of pregnancy) the woman must go to a special clinic for the abortion. The doctor then does a thorough examination on the woman to see how far along the pregnancy is. The woman is then put under a form of anesthesia and a long cylindrical instrument called the dilator dilates the cervix. A cannula, which is attached to a suctioning machine is moved around the uterus which removes the fetal tissue and uterine lining. When a woman is in the second trimester of pregnancy, the abortion procedure is basically the same as the first trimester abortion. The only difference is the cervix must be dilated more which is known as a Dilation and Cutterage. Between 16-24 weeks, the procedure is more severe and painstaking. A saline or prostaglandin abortion is performed. A hollow needle is inserted though the abdominal wall, and some of !
             the abdominal fluid is withdrawn. This induces labor and the woman is given pitocin to begin the contractions,...

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