Arab Isreali Conflict

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I am going to be writing my research paper on the ongoing conflict between the Arabs and the Israelis. These two groups of people have been fighting from as far back in time that the history books go, but for my paper I will just concentrate on the past 200 or so years. This argument has its roots in religion. The Jewish people believe that land in Palestine is their holy land and is rightfully theirs. The Palestinians do not want to give up their land because they have been living there for hundreds of years and if it is the Jewish holy land it does not matter because they are there now. This is the main bases behind the conflict. There are also many underlying themes, such as, the Jewish people are a scattered people and they want a place they can call theirs, which is why they are also trying to claim the land in Palestine. Also the Palestinians feel threatened by the Jewish belief in Zionism. Palestinians think that Zionism will threaten their political aspirations. ! Another reason the Palestinians do not want to allow the Jews into Palestine is because they believe that the benefits foreigners receive are unfair. First of all in my paper I will explain the background of these two groups of people. I will tell wher Continue...

They claimed to be the sole representative of the Palestinian people, the PLO vowed to reclaim their land and destroy the state of Israel. From this attack Israel planned to secure more land and contain the Egyptian power. Egypt and Syria only achieved minimal territory gains. In 1880 there were less than 590,000 people living in Palestine. Despite several cease fires, the nations of Jordan, Iraq, Egypt, Lebanon, and Syria continued to attack the new state of Israel. The United States Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, implemented what he called shuttle diplomacy. In England it was not until 1858 that a Jew could be elected to parliament, not until 1870 that a Jew could enter a university, and not until 1890 that they were granted full citizenship. Of those 590,000 people 96 of the people were Arabs. During the June war the Israelis also took control of a territory called The West Bank. This also when the first significant stirrings inside the country of local Arab patriotism and nationalist political activity started to surface. Neither of the two sides wants the fighting to continue. Under pressure from the United States and the Soviets, Israel was forced to give up their gains and France and the United Kingdom to remove their forces. While in Israel Sadat insisted that Israel could have peace with justice and security. In June of 2000 Israel agreed to pull all troops out of southern Lebanon. They had been dispersed throughout the world in the years before.