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A Case Study of Attachment Disorder

A CASE STUDY OF ATTACHMENT DISORDER T.J. was born to a mother who was neglectful of her children and a father who was unavailable to the family. The parents both were on drugs and abused alcohol. The family was poor and when the father moved out of the household, the mother moved the children frequently to different dwellings when she couldn’t pay the rent. Her mother was involved in prostitution. T.J. and the other children were left by themselves frequently while she went to local bars. Men frequented the home and it had been documented in the case permanency record that T.J. and the other children witnessed their mother having sex with these various men. T.J. has a half-brother who was 7 years older than her and an older half-sister. It had been alleged that her half-brother, before her removal from the home at the age of three years old, had sexually molested T.J. Her mother left the children with a sitter and never came back to get them. After 2 weeks, the sitter located the father and told him to come get his daughter or she would turn her over to DHS. He came and got her but he turned her over to his sister, Jan since he had no permanent residence. Eventually T.J. was adopted by Jan and her husband, Ned (names have been changed for confidentiality). She went through therapy to address the sexual abuse she had endured. T.J. had trouble adjusting to her new home initially. Her biological father was resentful of the bond his sister, her husband and T.J. were developing. He confused her by telling her “I’m your father, not him!” The adoptive parents requested supervised visits of the father since they didn’t feel T.J. was in “good hands” when she went on visits with him. This caused even more tension for the family. T.J. didn’t have much trust with male figures in her early life but after counseling this seemed to resolve. Jan explained her behavior was of no concern in the earlier years. The f...

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