Atlantis: Did it exist?

             Atlantis is a legendary continent that many people believe sank into the Atlantic Ocean thousands of years ago (World Book Encyclopedia). Many arguments have occurred because of this “lost place” but, it seems like they are all for no good. The meaning of this is that none of the arguments made by people trying to prove or disprove Atlantis’s existence are helping to get any closer to actually doing the action they are trying to do. If one side comes up with a hypothesis the other side condemns it and everyone forgets about it. Personally, the thought that Atlantis does not exist is in my head and it will remain until someone brings it out of the water. But, this author will still give you the facts to both sides of the story and let you decide for yourself what you believe about Atlantis.
             The story of Atlantis begins quite literally with two of Plato’s dialogues, Timaeus and Critias. These accounts are the only known written records that refer specifically to a Lost Civilization called Atlantis (Keyes). One would think how could so many people believe in Atlantis if there is only written records from one man telling that it exists?
             Atlantis is said to be located near the strait of Gibraltar but, if it is larger than Asia Minor and Libya, as suggested by Plato, one would think that it could not fit in an area of that size. Many people have expedited upon finding the remains of Atlantis, but none have succeeded thus far (World Book Encyclopedia). If many people have explored and searched many places trying to find Atlantis for so long then how could people still think that it actually exists. Many scholars believe that Plato’s description of Atlantis was actually the island of Thira. The island of Thira was destroyed in 1470 B.C. by volcanic eruptions (World Book Encyclopedia). If many scholars believe this than why do so many people not believe this?
             The first mention of Atlantis was by Plato. He said...

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