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There was one experience in Baron's essay that I could relate to,all too well. "...the physical effort of handwriting,crossing out, revising, cutting and pasting, in short, the writing practices I had been engaged in regularly since the age of four, now seemed to overwhelm and constrict me, and I longed for the flexibility of digitized text" (Baron,16). This experience stuck out to me only because I feel it almost all the time. Writing like he says takes real physical effort on the writers part. There's no real short cut in correcting a mistake when your writing. With the word processor all you have to do is push backspace or move the cursor and correct it later if you like. But there's always that one person you know or have seen that won't give up that pen or pencil because when they see a computer they see evil. But the like the pencil the word processor didn't change writing it only helped it. It has made it easier to write and make corrections without making a mess on a typewriter or with an ink pen. But even though we are able to reproduce books faster and whip out history papers faster than before, people are still opposed to computers. All in all it's just history repeating itself each time a new technology comes a Continue...

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Then it spread to some colleges, and before you knew it, it began to grow more and more until it became the World Wide Web. And now we have the Internet, which only came about because the government wanted to be able to have better communication with bases across the states. " (Baron, 17) Soon the computer will be thought of as simple as a pencil. And to this day I've only seen her use it maybe twice and it's because even though it's not complicated she doesn't like computers. They don't want to have to do a whole lot to get something done. I didn't really know how I was going to be able to live without my own computer. All in all we are no where near the end of the end of advancing technology. I've noticed that people don't like complicated technology. Though I think the complete opposite. Even when we got our first computer I hated it because it took a lot of work for me just to play one game. Especially now that we're in the information age. Each and every time that something new comes there's always a group of people who say it's the devil, and they liked it the way it was before, people nowadays are always in a rush to get things done, and why can't we stop innovating and just relax and take it slow. I came to find out that to her it just looked all too complicated to even be bothered with, and she said we didn't have computers back then and I'm pretty sure that we can live without them today.


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