Bastard out of Carolina

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Bastard out of Carolina was a heartbreaking story about a child Ruth Anne or “Bone” rather. “Bone” a nickname given to Ruth Anne at birth because her uncle thought she was no bigger than a knucklebone when she was born. Bone was lucky that she was even born in the first place, after experiencing a traumatic car accident, which rendered her mother unconscious she was born while her mother had still not come through. Because of her mother’s state at her birth, it was up to her Aunt Ruth and grandmother to take car of the birth certificate. Bone’s father never was a part of her or her mother’s life so his name was not clear to either Ruth or Bone’s grandmother, because of this their was no choice but to claim Bone as illegitimate. When Anne came to she was very upset that her child had been named a bastard, so three times after Bone’s birth she tried to go to the court house and change the birth certificate, failing Continue...

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Anne finally gained satisfaction when the courthouse burned down and all the records were destroyed. Anne married again soon after Bone was born, it was important to her that her daughter grew up with a daddy. The abuse stared out as simply physical when Bone would do something to annoy Glen. I learned several things from this book. Glen was constantly in and out of jobs, forcing Anne to be the main bread maker of the family. While finical situations continued to get worse, Glen got on edge and took his frustrations and anger out on the only thing he could find, Bone. But, soon after Anne miscarried Glen's child and was unable to have anymore children, his hopes were lost for ever having a son and he turned to Bone for more intimate comfort. Finally, I learned that a child can preserver out of a situation and realize that she or he is worth more than the abuse, and go on to live a normal life. Anne's brother introduced her to Glen, a blue collar stud. He comforts his stepdaughter by telling her that is doing this because he truly loves her. Glen first molests Bone, but later rapes her. I also learned that sexually abused children cannot psychologically handle the guilt and physical pain that the abuser opposes onto them. Under these circumstances the family was forced to move often to a place where Glen could find an odd job or two.


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