Midnight Cowboy analysis

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The film Midnight Cowboy has many symbols and representations and the interpretations of them. The symbols and representations in the film are obvious and also unseen. Some of the obvious symbols have concrete interpretations and some symbols have many thoughts on what it represents or means. The name of the film, itself, is a symbol or has a deeper meaning. Midnight Cowboy, a midnight cowboy is a cowboy at that comes out at night and in New York cowboys of the night are hustlers, which is a symbol the wannabe life of the lead character. Through these symbols this film, Midnight Cowboy, is a good movie. Joe Buck, an aspiring male prostitute from Texas, heads to Manhattan where he hopes to find plenty of wealthy women willing to pay for the services of a handsome man. When he arrives, the naive country boy befriends Ratso Rizzo, a tubercular homeless con artist who dreams of moving to Florida. As they go about trying to get the money Ratso needs, the two men confront the seediness, corruption, and cruelty that flourish in the big city. The fi Continue...

This could representative of how Joe has not changed from his younger self. When we get to Miami, what we'll do is get some sort of job, you know. The bus symbolizes the escape, the getaway, or the new beginning. Cause hell, I ain't no kind of hustler. But in New York it represented homosexuality. The individual flashbacks are symbols. This hustler term could be representative of the "rape scene. While Joe is in his hotel room he turns on the television and the same exact show or movie is on.