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Henrick Ibsen once said that, “ The strongest man in the world is he who stands alone.” A man with the greatest power and strength is the loneliest man. There is rarely anyone who can match his capability and ability. Even though the man receives respect from people around him andis inaplace of exbit these characteristics are King Henry II in Becket by Je Continue...

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    General Prologue
    .... pilgrims set off to visit shrines in distant holy lands, but even more choose to travel to Canterbury to visit the relics of Saint Thomas Becket in Canterbury .... (5002 20 )

    Canterbury tales
    .... story involves a contest among thirty pilgrims to determine who is the most worthy storyteller while traveling to the shrine of Thomas Becket, Archbishop of .... (1519 6 )

    Prologue to the Canterbury Tal
    .... secure. The work was mainly a compilation of stories by pilgrims traveling to the shrine of Sir Thomas a Becket in Canterbury. Chaucer .... (1693 7 )

    Henry 2
    .... King Henry II filled the vacancy of the archbishop of Canterbury with his best friend Thomas Becket. Thomas Becket was a well-educated .... (1209 5 )

    Cantabury Tales
    .... Thomas's Becket , an English martyr. The group ranging in status from a Knight to a humble Plowman, are a sample of the 14th-century English society. .... (872 3 )

Ironically, King believed this would strengthen their friendship but it lead to his loneliness. an Anouilh and Atticus in To Kill a Mocking Bird by Lee Harper. King Henry appoints Beckect, his one trues friend, as archbishop of Canterbury. Also, in To Kill a Mocking Bird, Atticus experiences loneliness due to his actions. He is a respected lawyer and in his town. Due opposing views, Atticus is not looked upon as the same man and there for he feels lonely. King Henry II and Atticus are strong men who stood alone due to their actions. Due to some of the kings actions, he has experienced loneliness. In Becket, King Henry II is the most powerful man in England but he feels lonely. When Atticus jumps to aid of a young black man in Alabama, the other characters in the book, turn against him. Unfortunately, Atticus seems to be the only one who has these feelings about the man. So the strongest man in England had to stand alone. Both Becket and To Kill a Mocking Bird, demonstrate what Ibsen said in his quote.


Becket. JEAN ANOUILH Becket There are those who might argue Becket is a historical piece. Henry is every inch a king, but Becket is every inch an archbishop. (865 3 )

Becket. JEAN ANOUILH Becket Anouilh's Becket offers the story of the relationship between Thomas Becket and Henry II, King of England. (881 4 )

Individual Conscience and Social Values Individual Conscience &
In looking at this story, it is also understandable why the church would value Becket and support this story, and that person, as a model for other Christians. (2443 10 )

Using Internet Technology to Expand Store Operations
1997, more than 2 million businesses -- ranging from mom and pop stores to multi-national corporations -- "set up shop on the World Wide Web" (Becket, 1997, (2094 8 )

Revival of Towns and Trade
Thus, despite the murder of Thomas Becket at his behest, Henry II could enforce his writ against the property of bishops who supported Becket in a dispute (2819 11 )

Discrimination Against the Disabled in Athletics
the two end zones with only a few in the front rows and almost none in the center court sections" Paralyzed Veterans of America v. Ellerbe Becket Architects & (7058 28 )