To Err is Human

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There is a famous saying that says " To err is human. " This simply means that everyone has flaws, they're what make us human. Benjamin Franklin, however, believed that people could achieve moral perfection. This could be done by listing all of your immoral flaws, and trying to perfect them one by one. I tried this, and I came up with several flaws that I would like to correct. Not trying hard enough at school, being mean to my parents, making fun of people, being argumentative, and my road rage are just some of the ones I came up with. The first flaw I listed is one that needs to be correct Continue...

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Not trying veryhard at school has been a very big problem for me lately. By writing theseflaws down and working on correcting them, like Benjamin Franklin suggests, some day Imight reach moral perfection. I don't do this onpurpose, it's just that I like to be the class clown and crack jokes a lot. I think that setting out more time to study and domy homework correctly would be a good start at correcting this flaw of mine. I should stop and think before I speak , because words cannever be taken back. One of the most dangerous flaws I appear to have is a severe case of road rage. I always seem to do justwell enough to get A's and B's. If I don't learn tocalm down, my self or someone else may get seriously hurt. Many of my friends refuse to ride with me because of this. Unfortunately,several people have pointed out that when I make these (in my mind harmless) little jokes,I often hurt people's feelings. I never study for tests, and when I do my homework, Iusually fly through it as fast as I can. I think that my hectic schedulesof work and extra curricular activities plays a large part in this. I've always known that I've had a quick fuse as far as tempers go, but I have always feltthat I have learned to keep it in check.


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