Beowulf : An Anglo Saxon Hero

             Beowulf could, more than easily, be described as a typical Anglo-Saxon hero. More likely he would be the model of one. The story of his life was a staple in the Anglo-Saxon society. There are four distinct traits that make up the Anglo-Saxon hero.
             The first is loyalty, as demonstrated by the relationship of Feudal Lord and Thane. This was a true part of the Anglo-Saxon society. It was conveyed by the word "Comitatus." This deemed that the thanes would pledge their lives to their Feudal Lord. They would defend their lord’s life with their own; if they did not, it would be considered treason. Upon the death of their Feudal Lord, it would be their responsibility to defend his death. By not fulfilling all of the requirements of a Thane and Comitatus, they would be banished for life, and forced to wander the earth. Beowulf served as both a Thane and a Feudal Lord in his lifetime. Although he never was truly a Thane to King Hrothgar, he served under him to help protect his kingdom from a dragon who was terrorizing the area for more than 12 years. Later in his life he served as the Feudal Lord, or king, of Gaetland where he ruled for 50 peaceful years. He then had his own Thanes who did abandon him, and were ultimatel!
             The second would be strength. Whether it be physical, or mental, every, and all, fictional hero in any society has strength. It gives them the power they need to overcome the problem they are having, along with any disturbances that may occur along the way to solving the problem. Beowulf had extreme physical strength. He had more strength in one arm than 10 men. Many swords, could not stand the strength, and power, of his swing and would shatter upon impact. His immense strength gave him the ability to kill a monster more than three times his size with his bare hands alone. He was able to kill the same monster’s mother in an underwater batt

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