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Bill Cosby Bill Cosby came from a poor neighborhood as a child. He grew up with a lot of humor. He did not know that he would make a career of it as a child. As he later grew up he tried stand up comedy and succeeded. in the 1960’s “I Spy” came out and broke the racial barrier by featuring Cosby, the first ever black man to lead a weekly dramatic series. So he started a television show called “The Bill Cosby Show.” The Show brought NBC from last place in the ratings to first. His show was a great success. His goals included succeeding in life as a comedian. He did that and did it very well. His success in entertainment was complemented by his involvement with a host of charity organizations and making generous gifts in support of education. While Cosby was younger he saw little of his father. His mom on the other hand was very supportive. His mom was a major influence and his first audience member. It didn’t take l Continue...

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Family and Friends helped Bill Cosby get a great start in his entertainment career. A couple of his friends that he knew from elementary school including: Fat Albert, Old Weird Harold, Dumb Donald, and Weasel was an influence on him and later immortalized in his comedy routines. More people should learn about Bill Cosby because they should see how he succeeded in life. Ever since Cosby was little he knew he wanted to do comedy. His book Fatherhood became the fastest-selling hardcover book of all the time which is still in more than half of its fifty-four weeks on The New York Times Best Seller List as number one. He had to leave the tenth grade to join the Navy, but he finished school by means of a correspondence course while in the service. ong for him to start gigs on her and practicing routines on her. For someone with not so much education he did very great in life. She always encouraged his inventive performances of everyday household happenings. His talent started to spread north to New York, so he left school to perform in Greenwich Village clubs, and within a year he landed a spot on "The Tonight Show. At the peak of the civil rights movement, Cosby was unique among black comedians of the time in not using race as a subject. To support himself he started to perform at a nightclub that really enjoyed his performances. In 1963 Cosby revolutionized American comedy.


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Bill Cosby produced and created as well as starred in The Cosby Show, considered to be the most popular television show of the decade. (2643 11 )

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only cash-rich Black Americans who have been immensely (financially) successful in other fields (ie, John Hudson in publishing, and Bill Cosby in entertainment (5397 22 )

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